Kahan S. Dhillon Jr.

Executive Brief Biography

Business Leader

For his commitment to the community and his service, both houses of the Commonwealth of Virginia Assembly commended Mr. Dhillon in a Joint Resolution. In Baltimore when the question is rightful asked “what have you done for your City?” Mr. Dhillon stands in a league of his own. Some of these efforts, contributions, and offers are listed below with more details of each to be released in the course of this historic campaign.

personal story

Designing and creating The Baltimore Renaissance Project, an historic $10 Billion revitalization project, the largest revitalization project in the history of Baltimore City. Value of Impact – $10 Billion

When the City was crippled by a severe ransomware attack last year, Mr. Dhillon stepped forward and offered Mayor Jack Young and President of the City Council Brandon Scott free assistance directly by a public Facebook post. Dhillon pledge to restore the the city IT systems. As a show of the severe polarized “Politics First” system which exists in the City, he never even received a response to his generous offer. Value of Impact – Almost $21 Million As Currently Spent by The City

When the City couldn’t provide Poe Homes running water last year for weeks in the dead heat of summer last year Mr. Dhillon personally offered to repair the issue at no charge, but yet again received no response from Elected Officials. Mr. Dhillon could have helped solve this public health crisis. Value of Impact – Approximately $1 Million

Mr. Dhillon has personally contributed and or raised tens of thousands of dollars for individuals and organizations in need at their request. Value Of Impact – Tens Of Thousands

In response to a the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) public plea for 500 Fans at the beginning of the School year. In response, Mr. Dhillon personally donated 400 plus fans and delivered them to over 10 schools in a single day. The schools and students needed the fans because of a lack of centralized HVAC in the buildings. Value of Impact – $10,000